Created in 2006 by Niall Harkiss, the DUFC Archive was born on the back of a substantial collection of Dundee United match programmes and a keen interest in MySQL database development. The two passions were combined and a comprehensive match, opponent and player database was the result. Eight years on, we can now claim to have EVERY major competitive match, player, appearance and goal for Dundee Hibernian and United, from 1909 to the present day, recorded in the Archive database – making it the most interactive and accurate record of Dundee United statistics anywhere.

The success of the website has seen the Archive expand onto social media where it has now gained large followings on Facebook and Twitter. The Archive team has also expanded, with Niall now joined by co-administrator Bryan Orr, writers Ally Stewart, Derek Keilloh and Ben Nicholson, and programme collectors and researchers John Myles and Andy Boyd. The Archive has also had significant input from other dedicated Arabs including United historians Steve Gracie and Peter Rundo, programme collectors Shuggy Falconer and Keith Wilson and ‘utility-man’ Graeme Webster among many, many others. A full list of contributors can be found on the ‘About Us’ page of the DUFC Archive website.

The purpose of the DUFC Archive Blog is to further explore and preserve the illustrious history of Dundee United Football Club through the publication of historical articles to supplement our comprehensive record of the club’s facts and statistics. Articles will be written by a wide variety of Dundee United supporters of a range of different ages, from within and outwith the DUFC Archive team, with each contributor bringing their own unique experiences to the table in order to view the history of the club from a number of different perspectives.